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Solar Installation Services

As one of Hawkes Bays leading solar installers we are ready to help you with your solar needs.

With our dedicated team of solar installers, we fit systems for residential, commercial and industrial requirements. We cover from Gisborne, across to Taupo, and down through to Dannevirke. This makes us one of the most experienced teams in the Hawkes Bay area.

We install solar systems designed and supplied by a number of local high quality companies so for a full consultation and quote please contact Chyle and he will look at your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar electricity systems

Solar electricity systems, normally called solar (or solar panels, photovoltaics or PV) generate electricity from the sun.

How does solar work?

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. Light energy (photons) hits the solar panels and excites the electrons in the atoms of a semi-conducting material (for example silicon), and the movement of these electrons results in an electric current.

Does solar work well in New Zealand?

New Zealand has good sunshine hours and solar works across the country. Solar works best in sunny areas such as Nelson/Marlborough/Hawke’s Bay, especially when there are high levels of direct sunlight, but some electricity is also generated on cloudy days. Solar generates no electricity at night.

Information source Energywise

I can’t praise Chyle and his team enough. The weather was awful but they persevered and installed the solar panels and completed all the internal work on time and to a very high standard. Chyle also set up my computer and gave me instructions on how to monitor the performance of the panels, something I also appreciated. I would not hesitate using Hillmac Electrical again.
- Harry

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  • Intek suppliers of access control, intrusion, communication and surveillance segments products
  • Besseling group suppliers of 'Controlled Atmosphere' (CA) or 'Ultra Low Oxygen' (ULO)  product storage
  • Simx supplier to the electrical and HVAC industry
  • Smartvent home ventilation systems
  • New Zealand Trade Group